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Pan American Exports offices & warehouses on Galveston Island and maintains warehousing and offices in Mexico and branch agents in Central & South America.  As an importer and exporter, we have over 40 years of experience in the exporting of Pharmaceuticals into the Latin American pharmaceutical market for government agencies, privy hospitals, and clinics. We Source & Supply the following three groups of commodities.


Each commodities desk specializes in its respective commodity. We have a very experienced and dedicated team to source, price & ship to meet the most stringent customer; whilst maintaining transaction efficiency and excellent communications with the client, supplier, and intermediaries. Our strong relationships with leading distributors and manufacturers in these industries enable us to offer competitive pricing on quality products into small and major markets in all of Central & South America. 


As an import/exporter since 1978, we are your complete one-stop when it comes to medicines, petrodiesel & frozen chicken products.  We supply governments, private establishments, and wholesale entities, providing they hold the necessary documentation for the legal importing of the selected commodities. 


We Are Your Source - Your Supply - Your Shipper of Record...

What we do?

Export Brand & Generic Drugs

Export Diesel & Condensates

Export Frozen Chicken & Cuts

Our Export Mission


Pan American Exports is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are able to successfully source their needed commodity with a high satisfaction rate while providing an ethical and efficient transaction. In other words, we try to source the best, most efficient, and economically sourced commodity for each of our clients. Whether the client is in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Panama, or on a Caribbean island. Because if we cannot satisfy our clients, and have them return for continued orders, then we've failed in our mission.


We strive to establish successful partnerships and agreements with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, other exporters, and of course the client. Because our transactions throughout Latin America must be beneficial for each countries socio-economic standards bearable for their respective end-clients. Especially in terms of the quality and the prices of the products we supply; whether it be medicinal, petro or food.  We encourage our suppliers, middle-men, and customers to work together to ensure that the interests and goals of each party are fulfilled and respected.  


Success is ultimately measured by repeat customers. 



    -  Ordering Procedures


  1. Send us enquiry in form of Letter of Interest or Letter of Inquiry
  2. We will screen buyer, company and destination country 
  3. We will provide you with a Proforma Invoice (acts as a quote)
  4. Buyer/Seller negotiate terms of Proforma offer​​​​​ as below
    - Payment Terms
    - Incoterms
    - How goods to be shipped
    - Who is responsible for shipping goods
    - Who is responsible for hiring freight forwarder or carrier
    - How transaction will be paid (Prepaid, Letter of Credit, etc.)
    - If L/C, what documents to be provided to draw down on L/C
  5. What documents need to be provided by which party; as exporter we'll need to confirm regulations and requirements of importing country.
  6. Once all points agreed upon we ask that you supply us with Purchase Order
  7. We prepare the Goods and Shipping Documents
    * Commercial Invoice
    * Certificate of Analyis or Inspection
    * Packing List
    * Certificate of Origin
    * Shippers Letter of Instruction
    * Bill of Lading (several original copies)
  8. Misc Forms and Ship your goods
  • Don't forget that it is our responsibility to keep copies of all related documents, as well as correspondonce throughout the sale, including phone calls, emails, etc... Legally we must document the complete process.  


Your Source - Your Supply - Your Shipper of Record...